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Problem with geo plugin installation


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Hi. I did 3 different fresh installations of Revive in different servers, but I'll get this problem only with Geo plugins:

  • I can't find any ZIP for upload and install geo plugin directly
  • I moved manually /openXMaxMindGeoIP/ folder from Revive last Github package
  • I can't retrieve geo plugins in /plugins/ list (after log like administrator)


If I zip manually /openXMaxMindGeoIP/ folder, I always get this error when upload:

1 unexpected files found 
The uploaded file did not pass security check 
The uploaded file openXMaxMindGeoIP.zip was not unpacked 


I really need to install geo support for banners. Could you help me to install geo plugins without errors?

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Hi @danicasati,

If you're downloading the plugin directory from GitHub, then yes, there will be files in the directory that are test files, which we strip out as part of the release packaging process. That's why the plugin installer is complaining about unexpected files in the plugin - because the test file that's in the ZIP you are creating is not in the plugin's manifest file.

However, there shouldn't be any need to do this. All of the plugins that are part of the core Revive Adserver release are included in the release itself, already zipped up.

Take a look in the Revive Adserver etc/plugins directory.

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