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Unusual Click Activity in December?


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Looking to see if anyone else noticed unusual click/impression activity in their reports at the end of December.  Our content is more work-related and we were expecting to see a decrease in activity and clicks during the holidays and actually saw an increase in clicks.  

Our average click thru rate on an active ad is typically around .33% and we saw some that jumped to .75% all the way to 25%.  We did not experience it on all ads, nor was it just one or two - about 1/3 of our campaigns had unusually high clicks.  Usually active ads have between 0 and 2 clicks per day and they were going between 5 and 10 per day.  Typically I look at the impressions/clicks for a whole week at once to smooth out any daily variances.  The weekly numbers were high so did some investigation into which days might be causing the issues but it was never the same days for all the campaigns either.  

We also had huge spikes on the clicks for ads that were inactive.  We typically have a number of closed campaigns that get clicks with no impressions.  We've been given explanation that is due to caching and have been ok with the smaller numbers (2-5 clicks per week).  Some of our inactive ads were seeing 10+ clicks per day and even had one inactive ad that had over 100 clicks on 12/30/2016 alone.   

Is anyone else experiencing unusual activity in their impressions/clicks on either the active or inactive ads/campaigns during 12/20/2016 - 12/30/2016?  Any thoughts on what might be causing this in our reports?  

Appreciate any insight you can offer - TIA!

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