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I can't install GEO plugins

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Thank you for quick response, but in my installation I can't get any plugins installed.

I've uploaded them manualyy, but GEO plugins are not in my server. Any idea to install it manually?

If I try to install manually, uploading a ZIP file, I get this error:

Failed to find package definition file /home/vivire6/public_html/xchange2/plugins/etc//home/vivire6/public_html/xchange2/var/tmp/plugins/etc/MaxMindGeoIP.xml.xml 
Failed to parse the plugin definition MaxMindGeoIP.xml 
The uploaded file did not pass security check 
The uploaded file MaxMindGeoIP.zip was not unpacked 

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I did another re-installation, I get this error installing only geo plugins:

1 unexpected files found 
The uploaded file did not pass security check 
The uploaded file openXMaxMindGeoIP.zip was not unpacked 


Why I can't install those plugins???

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Hi @danicasati,

I think this may be a double post, and I've just answered this in another post - but for completeness of the thread, I think the reason the plugin will not install is that you are generating the plugin ZIP file manually yourself, from a checkout of the Revive Adserver source code.

The source code in GitHub is arranged differently from how we package it for release (for various reasons), and the plugin manifest files do not include the unit test files (because we strip those out when we package a release). So, that's why our GitHub page says not to try to download and use the product from GitHub :-)

Instead of trying to install a plugin that you have generated yourself, use the plugin ZIP file that came with the release of Revive Adserver that you are using. You can find all of these in the Revive Adserver etc/plugins directory.

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