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Revive Adserver for advertisers?


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Sorry for posting this general question - I've studied the site and the forum but I don't quite know where to begin. I'm just curious if Revive Adserver is the system for our needs.

We are looking for an ad serving system from an advertiser’s perspective. Our ads should be hosted on our own server so we can set cookies. The publishers where we buy ad space get a little script that displays our ad on their site.


  • Ability to create banner sets (to group various dimensions of the same banner)
  • Ability to set our own cookies
  • Ability to set 3rd party cookies like our accounts with Google and Facebook
  • Ability to save session information in a database that is our own
  • Ability to generate scripts to send to publishers where we advertize. This script displays the ad that is hosted on our server on their site.


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