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Add Delivery: Desktop / Mobile Only Option ?


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Hi Andrew!

I am struggling with delivering a banner to all Desktop users from Germany.

Using Version 4.0.0

Initially i thought:

  • GEO Country Germany
  • AND Operating System Version any Windows  
  • OR Operating System Version any OS X
  • OR Operating System Version any Linux

But in this case, it delivers also to any OS X users in any country.

To cut it short: If I will target Desktop (or Mobile) users in a specific country I would need to setup a banner for each operating system and limit it to the country, right? There is no way to combine a set of limitations?





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Hi @manuel,

Based on the order PHP "and" and "or" are applied (http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.precedence.php), what you have is equivalent to:

  • (Germany AND Windows) OR (OS X) OR (Linux).

So, you need to set up in the UI:

  • GEO Country Germany
  • AND Operating System Version any Windows  
  • OR GEO Country Germany
  • AND Operating System Version any OS X
  • OR GEO Country Germany
  • AND Operating System Version any Linux

I think that should do what you want, in one banner.

... This is where setting up targeting channels starts to make sense, so that you can more easily apply one or more channels.

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