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Issues with asyncronous JS tag

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The main advantage of the async tag is that it is asynchronous. If the ad server is slow to respond, or not responding at all, using the async tag means that the webpage will appear regardless. That's why we developed the async tag. If you're comfortable about using a traditional javascript tag, by all means do so.

I am surprised, however, that the async tag isn't working, I don't see any reason why it doesn't, we've been using it for a very long time now on billions of ad impressions with great results.

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Yes, I can see that when I call your zone 6 with a traditional invocation code, I get a regular ad, but like you I do not see the async tag returning anything.

Did you generate this async tag fresh just now? Could you please make sure that it is the exact code that Revive Adserver generates?

I'm asking because this part:


Is supposed to be a hash value of your ad delivery URL. If this hash and the URL http://adserver.automotiveit.eu/www/delivery/ do not match, the tag won't work.

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I regenerated the async and the traditional tags once again and added them to the testpage. Same result. how can I figure out if the hash matches my URL?

By the way: I took the same file and added it to my own site just to check and it shows nothing except the comments: https://der-prinz.de/adserver-test.html

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When I view that page on your own site, I see an ad for both tags:


But when I view it on the first site (http://www.automotiveit.eu/adserver-test.html) I only get an ad for the javascript tag (nr 2).

When you generate a zone's async invocation code inside your Revive Adserver UI, it will automatically calculate the correct has value.

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