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Monthly Script Execution Quota exceeded

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I have my Revive Adserver hosted on a separate server to my website. It has worked great until now but my host has just suspended the account that my Adserver is hosted on because I have exceeded the monthly quota of 300000 program and script executions. The only thing on this hosted account is my ad server, so I am assuming this relates to the serving of ads to my actual website where the ads appear.

My site has about 12,000 unique visitors a months so not off the chart, but the program or script executions has now exceeded 800,000 in approx 25 days. Does this sound right? Happy to swap hosts, but want to be sure what is causing the issue.

Any thoughts?

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I've never heard of a hoster limiting the number of times a program/script runs. And a maximum of 300.000 is very little. A "unique visitor" is not the best measure for estimating this (in my personal view, unique visitors is a meaningless metric in any event).

Just look at your ad server statistics (assuming you can still log in) and you'll probably see that there have been as many ad impressions as they mentioned. I would switch hosts immediately, however inexpensive they are, it doesn't seem they have what it takes.

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