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Upgrade to Revive 4.0, statistics no longer functional


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Hello everyone.

I updated two 3.2.4 installations to 4.0 on the 20th. Guess what is not working on both?

On the older machine, all the stats have stopped dead, this one originally started out as OpenX Source 2.8 . Doing

select * from ox_data_bkt_m;

Results in data... from 2013. Clicking on the statistics in the Revive UI results in no statistics whatsoever since the upgrade.

On the newer machine 

SELECT * FROM data_bkt_m; 

Has data from today. However it's data is very very wrong, like 99% of the statistics are missing. Some campaigns that normally have 2 million impressions on remnant have zero or just 10,000, while other campaigns that normally have 100,000 or so also have like 12,000, which there is no way the little site would have more impressions than the large site. I know the ads are still being delivered because the ad partners show the correct values for requests handed off to them.

The debug log on both servers show that stats are running, both are running on crontab.

Both servers had php updated to PHP 5.6.28 with Zend OPcache at the same time.

So this makes me question:

1) Is there not a reference table schema that I can use to check if the database tables are correct?

2) what would make one server produce no stats, while the second server produce only a few? This suggests that some migration element failed. What changed between 3.2.4 and 4.0 that would do this?


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So I "might" have fixed this.

I pulled https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/blob/04ce3f2537b4209d1fc5b81aff3b51afb86c6dc4/etc/plugins/openXReports.zip from the versioning system and overwrote the files on my system. When the next time the stats ran, numbers started appearing. But I'm not 100% sure this was the fix, as I also applied

https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/commit/20d2526d48d6cb30af489809087b828e8b89954a to both systems as well as I had switched it to mysqli.

It still bugs me that the stats stopped at all, so if either of these are responsible, I'd suggest rushing a 4.0.1 update.

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The data_bkt_m table is not your actual statistics, it is just how the raw data gets collected during the hour, to be processed at the top of the next hour. It is called "bucket data" (abbreviated to 'bkt' in the table names)

Whatever has happened to you has an entirely different cause. Hard to say what it was by looking at just the information you posted.

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