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Why can I link zones at campaigns and banners?


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Hi there. I am using Revive Adserver for quite I while and I think a can find my way around, but I did not fully understand why I can link a campaign to a zone, and also link the banner to a zone.

99% of my ads have one advertiser, leading one active campaign and one banner. Usually I only link the banner to the zone and it is working fine. Is this okay or should I always link the campaign too? Does it make a difference?

Thanks for any answer. :)


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If you link a campaign to a zone, all the banners in that campaign that have the same dimensions as the zone will automatically be linked to the zone. If you add a new banner of those same dimensions to the campaign later, it will automatically be linked to the zone as well. As such, linking campaigns to zones is the most efficient, and I would recommend always doing that. No need to link the banners too.

However, sometimes you do not want each banner in that campaign linked to a zone, just one or a few specific ones. In that case, you shouldn't link the entire campaign, but just the banners you actually need, to that zone.

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