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Administrators configuration page shows File manager -> Can't open this folder! error window


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While working as Administrator, a click on the Configuration tab should link to /www/admin/account-settings-banner-delivery.php

That's because /www/admin/account-settings-index.php is supposed to redirect to /www/admin/account-settings-banner-delivery.php

In your case, it seems someone altered something without your knowledge.

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4 hours ago, Eduardas said:

I have updated to v4 just today, following all update instructions, so all files supposed to be new.

Please note that if your Revive Adserver was compromised in the past, and some files were replaced in some plugins, these modified files wil be migrated to the new version during an upgrade.

Therefore, it is best to first clean a compromised installation, and then to upgrade to the latest version.

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