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conf.php file already 644 but still writable


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just a tip: in your guide on upgrading, as a last step you suggest to switch permissions of the main configuration file from 777 to 644.

What if my server has already files and folders set to 644 but that file seems to be writable in the backend?

I guess my provider is using some sort of SUDO configuration and I asked them but they said they don't know how Revive Adserver works.

What do you suggest?

Thank you

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The word "issue" just means that there is a topic to be talked about. It can be a question, a remark, a request, anything. What I meant to say was that this is not something we can fix.

From a distance, we can not figure out why your Revive Adserver thinks the config file can be written to, even if the permissions are set to 644.

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