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Uncaught ReferenceError: initPage is not defined

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windows7 + php5.6 + nginx


Uncaught ReferenceError: login_focus is not defined
    at http://revive/www/admin/index.php:119:5
index.php:40 Uncaught ReferenceError: initPage is not defined
    at onload (http://revive/www/admin/index.php:40:73)




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No AD blocker active, I tried the IE, chrome, firefox several browsers, and also tested on other computers, will appear the problem.After clearing the browser cache can be normal use for a period of time, but then the problem will appear.
IE has a feature "always refresh from service", open the function can be normal use.

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Hi @cema0110,

It looks like you are using Revive Adserver with a hosts file entry to perform IP resolution, based on "revive" being the domain name the service is running on.

I am not sure, but it might be that Revive Adserver won't work like this, because it's somehow recognising that this is not a valid domain name - Revive Adserver does use the domain name to help manage configuration files. 

I might be wrong, but this could be related. Could you please try on a real domain? (The localhost domain is okay, if you're just installing and testing locally).

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