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Calculation of CTR based on requests instead of impressions


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On my previous installation (Revive Aserver v3) I made little hack in the revive code to make CTR calculating base on request (instead impressions, because counting impression produced additional connections). 

If I start using async tag in Revive Adserver v4, need I have to make these hack again, or, may be, another correct way exist?

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While Ian's note is correct, do be aware that this basically breaks the functionality to count statistics and thus leaves you with a useless installation.

CTR is defined and calculated as clicks divided by impressions, expressed as a percentage. Revive Adserver will not calculate it as clicks divided by requests, so if that's what you want, you will have to modify the code (and break the warranty :) ).

22 hours ago, gorman said:

If I start using async tag in Revive Adserver v4

By the way, async tags were present in Revive Adserver v3.2 as well.

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