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Empty zone request beacon with lg.php


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Does anyone know how to disable request lg.php in emty zone?

I have more than 10 zone on my page using SPC, and time by time some of my zones stay empty, without any banners, so each empty zone makes one lg.php request (with null size img), but I no need so many connections.

How to disable these lg.php requests?


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The lg.php call is used to count the impressions on your zones and under normal circumstances of course also on the banners displayed via your zones.

Are you leaving those zones "empty" on purpose or are you actually trying to figure out why they are empty?

When the zone is empty, the ad server needs to log a 'blank' impression in order to have accurate statistics for forecasting.

On a side note, I would like to recommend switching from SPC to the new async tags (well, new... they've been around for over 18 months now).

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ok! thank you for response!

these zones are empty on purpose, I know why they empty right now and its correct )

Question apear because now I migrating from revive 3, and there is no such behavior on it.

My plan was in migrate from 3 to 4 first, and agetr it start to playing with async tags. Main purpose is reducing connect per client (now  I have about 5 mln pageviews per day, so now I have ~10mln requests on little farm with one backend. And each additional request from pageview can make our farm drop conections (,

and second porpose in stop using document.write on my pages.


Erik, one more question please )

On my previous instalation I made little hack in your code to make CTR calculating base on request (instead impressions), (because counting impression produced additional connections). 

If I start using async tag, need I have to make these hack again, or, may be, another correct way exist?

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Erik, could you please explain one thing:

in my case I using logging requests and not using logging views.

In the Revive Adserver v3 I have only two requests to server per page,( and request for each click if it occurred.)

In Revive Adserver 4, using async js, I also have only two requests per page showing all banners. 

But. I have additional requests (lg.php)  in case some zone is empty. For what?

Why filled zones doesn't produced any additional requests, only for displaying banners, but each empty zone pruduce a request (lg.php). It seems like a bug

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