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Malware and consecuences


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Hi there, my english s really bad, but will try to explain my problem and hopefully get some help.

i´ve been struggling with the malware on my ad server since long time ago. It is specially noticeable with the mobiles, where those annoying ads from this kind of domains (-removed malware domains-) display constantly.

So, with my lack of knowledge but with lots of passion I downloaded my database and tried to clean it of those URLS. But blew it, when I uploaded again I found this problem

m "errormessage.gif Database connection error.

A fatal error occurred Revive Adserver can't connect to the database. Because of this it isn't possible to use the administrator interface. The delivery of banners might also be affected. Possible reasons for the problem are: <ul> <li>The database server isn't functioning at the moment</li> <li>The location of the database server has changed</li> <li>The username or password used to contact the database server are not correct</li> <li>PHP has not loaded the MySQL Extension</li> </ul>

The ads are displaying correctly, but can´t enter to the admin zone.

That was a copy of the original database, so quickly uploaded the original again, but the problem remains. 

Tried to find on the FTP the original config file to mess around, but the only file I found is a "config.php.suspected". Tried to rename and edit, but it was empty. I did not install the adserver, so I dunno where to find that original configuration file and see if that way can solve my problem.

Any help would be much appreciated....Gracias!

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1 minute ago, pamplon said:

Hi Ian, thanks for the quik respond.
Yeah, I think I got that installed. Actually I can see my database on PHP my Admin, and seem it is OK, but for some reason it does not connect properly. Thanks!

It's quite difficult to say from this point of view what the exact issue is, but it seems a quite basic one. Can you login to phpmyadmin with the same user/pass that you use in the revive config settings?

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Yes, I know exactly what you mean. The error means that something is wrong with your connection to MySQL.

This could be caused by :

- MySQL is not running.
- PHP does not have the MySQL module installed.
- The MySQL username/password (or even hostname) is not correct.


Verify those three options, and I'm sure you are able to login.

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