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Question about rich media


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Hello, we faced a problem.

Zone - Rich-Media and HTML banners
Banner - 800h500px,

When no restrictions are chosen
Delivery capping per visitor "-" - the number of impressions and unique visitors is approximately the same.

If we set restrictions in the parameters of a banner or a zone, or in both of them, for example:

Delivery capping per visitor
Limit banner views to:
 in total 1


Limit banner views to: -
per session 1
Reset view counters after: 24 hours


Limit banner views to:
per session 1
Reset view counters after: -

then the number of unique visitors becomes COMPLETELY different compared to impressions;
a very large number of impressions is marked as «impression blank» in the statistics of a particular site, e.g.:

the number of unique visitors is 10,000 a day,
the number of banner impressions in the statistics – 500, impression blank 9,500.

The unique calling code (Zone ID) is placed on 20 websites, and Rich Media (Fullscreen) is already bound to it. On 1 site or 2 or 5 or 20 sites - all to most.

What is the problem? Why do such large losses in impressions take place?

Where can we edit or add-on our styles for Rich Media design, for example, change the appearance of “x” to close the window, make banner background semitransparent?
Is it possible to close a banner window by clicking on background or pressing ESC instead of pressing “x”?

ver 4.0

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Hi @Gringo,

I'm not sure how you are measuring "unique visitors", so I don't really understand why you have roughly the same number of "unique visitors" and ad impressions. (It sounds to me like you really mean total website visits, rather than unique people.) However, if you are finding that by adding limitations to displaying ads, and then you are getting blank impressions logged, then that suggests to me that you now have a situation where visitors to your site are not seeing ads, because of the limitations you have applied. Consider applying less restrictive limitations, or add some "backup" ads that are safe to be shown all the time, in the event that your limitations mean that there's nothing else that can be shown.


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