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Ads not served based on probability


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I have a simple test - 1 advertiser, 1 campaign, 3 banners,  1 website, 1 zone.  I have 1 simple web page, with the same zone replicated 3 times, auto refresh after 5 seconds. Probability is 33% on all banners, I get the first banner all the time. If I deactivate the first banner (B1) then I get B2 & 3 fairly balanced, if I reactivate B1, then I only get B1.

** this is probably the first of several questions to come on the "how" to ensure delivery is what we are expecting.



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Possible reason: You set up the first banner (only), and tested things out to make sure it was working, and it was. Then you added two more banners. But then those two banners don't show up, because Revive Adserver caches delivery details for performance reasons. 

If you wait a while, the other two banners will start to deliver.

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