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Changing Delivery File Names

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To try and avoid ad blocking, I have changed some "Delivery File Names" under Configuration>Global Settings>Banner Delivery Settings (using the administrator account in (v3.2.5). However, I get an error when clicking on a banner. There seems to be no documentation on this.

Should I also change the names of the files themselves and/or the entries in the conf.php file (which have not changed after the changes in the admin panel)?

Thanks for the help

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Yes, you need to change the actual filenames as well.

I keep a list of tasks to be done with each upgrade, renaming the files at the command line is one of them. The filename settings in Revive Adserver should be retained with each upgrade.

I've been renaming the files for years, but admit that it isn't 100% successful. It just takes your ad server out of some of the more basic blocking mechanisms.

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46 minutes ago, Erik Geurts said:

Instead of renaming the files, I would like to mention the option to use symlinks.

Does the [file] listing in the conf.php file play any role? (such as click="ck.php", they seem unchanged in the conf file)

Also, can I safely change "adId=bannerid" in the conf.php to something else? (changing banner id was suggested at


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Hi @malmazan,

Yes, if you change the names of the delivery files, then the configuration file needs to be updated to match, so that Revive Adserver knows what files to use. (There's a page in the admin's configuration tab that can be used to update these as well, from memory.)

Yes, pretty much anything in the configuration file can be changed - but remember that you may need to update all of your existing tags (or recreate them) to match, if you do make changes.

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