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Single Page Call using Asnyc Javascript tags


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It doesn't appear see that Single Page Call hasn't progressed to the point of utilizing it with the async tag, but am willing to fatten-up my javascript a bit in order to improve response time.

My single-page call code is simple. I set my variable names with the zone numbers, and then redefine a couple variables if the width is wider than two particular points. Then run the Revive Adserver SPC script, and display my variables within OA_SHOW in three places.

The benefit is that I'm doing only one media query per page, and displaying all of proper the ad zones for that page.

I'd like to think that sticking with one media query per page is a best practice, and the users could handle a bit more character download in return for a potentially faster experience using the Revive Adserver async tag.

Any thoughts?


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The new asynchronous tags in Revive Adserver have been designed so that when you put 2 or more of them on a single page, they will execute a single bundled request to the ad server. That means you have the advantage of single page call without the disadvantage of a potentially blocking javascript in the head of the page.

So in short, async tags already do what you proposed. 

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Instead of using:


I currently use:


I assign a variable to each of my five zone ids, then define a couple OA_Show variables, and do a window/width media query. Initially the default is ad sizes accommodate mobile phones. If the width is larger than either 500px or 800px I change a couple of the OA_Show variables to switch to larger ad formats. It is essentially a simplistic way to support my site's responsive layout design.

The data-revive-zoneid appears to be the only unique value in any async tag. I guess that is what needs to change dynamically.

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