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Query String Parameters on Ads

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We are using Revive Adserver to deliver ads on our site using the single page call technique.  We are also using a lead generation plugin on our site called Leadin that tracks visitor behavior on the site and shows a popup to offer a mailing list signup.

I'm having a problem that is derived from the interaction between Leadin and Revive Adserver with URLs on our ads when Leadin adds its tracking parameters to the query string.

For example, Revive Adserver will generate the following URL for an ad on our site, which works just fine:


There is only one query string parameter there called oaparams.  Now, Leadin adds a few parameters:


That's three new parameters added: __hstc, __hssc, and __hsfp. These additional parameters are correctly separated by the ampersand character, and so should not cause an issue with Revive Adserver. However, when clicking the link, Revive Adserver ends up redirecting to this URL:


Those additional query params are still there, though they should have been thrown out. Seems like Revive Adserver is just pulling everything after oaparams in the query string and assuming that it all should be processed together instead of just pulling out the oaparams value up to the ampersand the preceeds the next query argument.

This seems like a URL parsing bug to me.  Can anyone validate my assumptions?


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