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Check Fill Rate For Third-Party Ads?

Jimmy T.

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I'm using a third-party tag/script to display ads on my website.

Now the ad network that I'm using is saying that I have a 30% fill rate, but right now I have no way of knowing if this is true other than relying on their numbers.


Is it possible to have Revive check if the ad filled?

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That's a pretty good idea actually, I could create a new backup tag and calculate the fill rate based on the amount of impressions sent to the main tag and the backup tag.

You're spot on about the fill rates too.  The fill rate on all networks seem to have dropped unless you want to go with the low quality and deceiving addon or download/play type of ads.

I'm going off-topic now, but it honestly seems as though ads online are slowly dying and I guess ad blockers, bandwidth heavy/slow and deceiving ads are to blame.

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