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Limit Banner Clicks?


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Is there anyway to limit the number of banner clicks?

For example, I want a banner to expire after it's been clicked 5 times, then display another banner and so on and so on.

Or would I have to create a new campaign for each banner and set the clicks limit that way? Would I then be able to have another campaign start once that one has ended (when the click limit is reached?)


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No, the feature you needed not available, you have to make customize the scripts with your developers, but its recommended to dont change core files.

You have another options, this may help you to stop storing unwanted clicks. Login as Administrator and click "Configuration" menu, then click "Banner Logging Settings". Here you will see setting as "Don't count Ad Clicks if the viewer has clicked on the same ad/zone pair within the specified time (seconds)".  This will helps to not store clicks if user clicked on same ad/zone pair after particular time. Example, enter 300 as seconds, then same user clicks same ad/zone pair 10 times, then only one click will be log in revive adserver. 



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