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Display one banner at a time

Ali Nebi

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Hi hi,

I have installed revive ads server and I am trying to achieve something that I don't know if is possible. I didn't see a way to do it. I will be happy if you give me some advises how i can do this. We have following situation:

I have 2 zones:

- 1 zone on header for horizontal banner

- 1 zone on sidebar for vertical banner

We have 2 different campaigns with 1 banner assigned from same publisher that should be displayed once per day per visitor for each zone. We have set a limit for campaigns to be displaying once per day per visitor. Once this single time displayed banner is done, then we display another banners in zones. All this is working ok. But what happens is that when we load the page, we see on both zones at the same time loaded banners from same publisher. How can we avoid this as we want to display from this publisher only 1 banner at a time on a page, no 2 - no matter on which zone the banners will be displayed?

I am not sure if i explained it enough clear. Please let me know if you need more info.


Thank you in advance!



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