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Building a waterfall


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I have got a specific task. I've 3 tags of Google AdX with 3 differents CPM rates and I want them to work coherently one after another passing back unpaid impressions.

tag1 + tag2 + tag 3 

How can I do this in Revive?

What have I done:

1. I've created a campaign (remnant campaign with 1 weight setting)

2. I've created 3 banners within this campaign with weight 1 and inserted my AdX tag inside as generic HTML 

take a look 2651d62aac234f28a55a9cc50577a732.png

3. Then I ve created zones for banner and linked with each other



But it doesn't help..

I dont need the weight function... I just want 3 tags to be invocated one after another as soon as there no impressions to shown to user 

What's wrong?



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Hi Eric!

Thank you for your answer. Yet another question than:

I take adx tag #1 putting it inside Revive adserver (creating a banner #1), I put it on my webpage, but I need to create a passback tag to return impressions to the next adx tag.. it doesn't seems to be a problem, if i can create a second banner in Revive and insert adx tag #2, BUT I must provide my adx account manager with a passback tag looking like a link she told, not a HTML or js script. I don't find this option in Revive. Any ideas how to realise my plan?




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Well, there you have a problem. AdX will only take a URL of an HTML page as a backup ad. You could create such a web page, and send the URL to whoever managers that AdX for you.

I really don't understand though, how the second AdX account could possibly fill an impression that the first one could not...

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Hi Erik!

If you understand me well, I'm trying to make a waterfall of 3 adx tags passing back unpaid impression one to each other, all of those tags have different cpm rates.

The problem is:

1. if I put first adx tag with for example 10 usd cpm on the webpage where i have an adunit, than to create a passback tag i have to create another webpage and by google ads policy the page cannot be without content. 

4 hours ago, Erik Geurts said:

I really don't understand though, how the second AdX account could possibly fill an impression that the first one could not...

being processed through the first 10 usd cpm rate tag there will be fillrate of 2-3%, than i passback unpaid ad requests to next adx tag with 3 usd cpm rate with fillrate of 20-30$ and so on.. you got it?

I used to work with a scheme you told me creating an artificial blank webpage to place next adx tag, but google doesnt allow to place ads on the blank webpages. 


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