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Facebook Audience ads not working with Revive Adserver

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I think this Revive Adserver is great and can get it working with several 3rd party networks, except for Facebook audience. Facebook recently opened their advertising to mobile sites. If I create two banners, one for AdSense, and one for Facebook, and put them in the same zone, Revive Adserver will serve a blank ad constantly for Facebook, but serves AdSense fine. Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

I'm not using this for the same reason everyone else is.  The only thing I want to use it for is ad rotation.   My server is a 24 core multi CPU dedicated with 16 gigs of ram that runs Nginx and PHP-FPM via the Ndeploy nginx stack.   After installing the stack you can modify the configuration of Nginx to provide two separate caches, one for mobile, and one for desktop.   Because of using Nginx, when I use standard plugins with my wordpress site like ad inserter and try to rotate ads, they'll only rotate about once or so an hour which I don't want.   With Revive Adserver, if I can get it working with facebook audience ads for mobile web, I can run the adserver from a non nginx account and then the ads would rotate on every page refresh.   I tried it that way and it was working, but it was rotating adsense with blank ads for facebook.

I only get about 20m - 30m ad impressions on my site in a months time, so i think Revive Adserver should be able to handle that on the same server as long as it's in front of Nginx and not behind it?   Also facebook appears to load their ads almost the same way as google adsense with the async style javascript, so I can't seem to figure out why it works with adsense but not facebook?

B-T-W Facebook pays far better than Google Adsense does on mobile advertising, and the more people find out it, I'm sure the more questions will appear on here on how to get it to work. 



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I'm using asynch javascript so that it doesn't slow down the load time of the site.   That's another thing I love about Revive Adserver, I can take slow loading ads like clicksor and load them without impacting the sites load time.   It's definitely not a performance issue it seams like some kind of conflict, facebook loads asynch too I wonder if you can't load an async tag within an asynch tag, but it does work with adsense. 



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