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Delivery option - Page URL not working properly...


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Hi all,

I am pretty new to Revive Adserver, I did read the documentation and searched the forum and google if someone has had the same issue, but it looks like I am pretty lonely in my despair. Hope someone can help...The problem actually is pretty simple, I hope the solution is too.

I have one zone that I would like to use for different banners depending on the page visited. For instance, I have one specific ad to display on page x, and another specific one on page y.

Let's schematize : 2 different advertisers, 2 different campaigns, 2 different banners, 1 zone to display in, depending on the url. 

So I edit the first banner in Revive, and click on Delivery Options, then select Page URL contains x for the first banner (x being displayed only in the specific url that I need). And I do the same for the other banner with the URL that contains y. 

It seems pretty simple, and would be perfect for what we need, only if it worked... When I go on my site, independently on the page I am visiting, there is a rotation between the 2 banners : when on page x, I still have once in a while the banner supposed to display only when the url contains y (and it does not !), and when on the page with the url containing y, I still see once in a while the banner supposed to display only when the url contains x. 

It just seems that the Delivery Options are not taken into account at all...

Did I forget anything ? 

Thanks very much ! 


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