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Validate maintenance is running correctly?

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I'd like to set up a cron to run the maintenance on my installation, but I'd like to know if the script is running correctly.

When I visit my maintenance file (http://..../maintenance/maintenance.php) in my browser, I get the following output:

#!/usr/bin/php -q

Is that the expected output? If not, any ideas on how I can get the script running correctly?

When I check in the administration panel when the last maintenance was run, it doesn't match up with the time I ran the script from my browser.

Just a note, I know how to actually get the cron set up and running, I'm just concerned regarding the output.



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That file is not designed to show any output other than what you saw.

You can see if it's running correctly when you log in as an administrator, go to the "Configuration" tab and the click "Maintenance" in the left hand menu.

If you have a cron job, and it works OK, it will say something like "Scheduled maintenance is running correctly."

The script is designed to run only once per hour. If you hit it multiple times per hour, it'll just ignore the rest.

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