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V3.2.4 is slower than I expected

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Hi there,

Just upgraded to 3.2.4. I espected that it would be queicker loading but....
What do I do wrong?

Please see www.deypenburgschecourant.nl and give me an advise how the advertisements show up quicker!

Thanks in advance,


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Hy Erik,

Can I speak Dutch to you?

For now: Would you be so kind to login our system and see if I made a mistake?
Revive is loading so slow that the whole site is slow.
Better: The start of the site waits until Revive is ready and that slows down!

{login details removed by moderator}

Hope you have the time to have a look.



Edited by Erik Geurts
login details removed by moderator
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No Dutch on these forums, since that would be useless to anyone not able to read the language.

Never, ever, post login data on a public forum.

It is almost certain your ad system and the server it runs on, has already been compromised and loaded with all sorts of unwanted things. I recommend re-installing the entire server.

Meanwhile, you didn't answer the question:

On 6/8/2016 at 3:03 PM, Erik Geurts said:

What was the last version you used that you considered to be 'fast'


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