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Site wide split testing with Revive Adserver?


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Hello guys,

Quick question : let's pick this scenario : on every page of my site I have a Red banner saying "Buy my stuff".

I need to split-test whether making the banner Blue would be better.

Obviously the "classic" way an Adserver work wouldn't make any sense as it would display Red / Blue banners randomly during the visitor's session.

Is there a way to "force" the display of ONE variation during the entire visitor session ?

Thanks a lot,


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Hey again guys,

Maybe a work-around that I've found (feel free to comment if it seems good/bad ;-)) :

- Put a cookie in the visitor's browser with a duration of e.g. 1 week, which would kind of randomly indicate which banner to serverĀ (e.g. if I have just 2 banners, red and blue, to test I could put a cookie with a value equal to "even" or "odd" based on the current time seconds)

- Then write something like "if cookie="even" then serve banner red, else serve banner blue"

Obviously the fact that it's more or less random isn't really optimal as it could lead to one banner being served a lot more than the other... but I suspect that if I have to query a database to decide whether I should serve banner blue instead or banner red to serve them equally, it would slow down the rendering a lot...

What do you think ?


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