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Share your location with net97banners.3wk.com? error

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We have Revive Adservers that host banners for 4 sites.

On only 1 of the sites, on mobile devices in Chrome and Firefox, visitors get a message: Share your location with net97banners.3wk.com?

Only this 1 site gets this message and all 4 instances of ReviveAdserver are set up identically.

I did find something about this in help a couple months ago and fixed it.

How can I fix this?

Anxious to hear from you.

Jim Atkinson/Net97/3WK.COM



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What is the option that turns off sharing? I found it a couple months ago and thought I'd turned if off everywhere in our adserver.

And the other site we have on that server does not have the message, so I'd say the server is not compromised.

Could it be something in the webserver setup that the site we have the banners running on?

I'll doublecheck the banner 3rd party codes but I believe they're the same types as what we have on our other sites.

Thanks Eric.

Jim Atkinson

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Erik: Sorry about the K. Actually my cats name is Erik with a K. Erik with a K was the 1st guy who hired me in radio.

I fixed the issue. Turned out Sovrn had a little radio button when you grab their tags that said " Opt-In for Geo Location (readers on mobile devices only)".

I'd left it turned on. It was not turned on on my other sites.

Thanks so much Erik. You're always helpful, and I'm so glad you're still there.

Jim Atkinson

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