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HTML5 Swiffy workaround broken with latest release


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We have been doing a workaround for supporting HTML5 ads created with Swiffy. 

Because the URL field in HTML ads has been deprecated, our workaround is now broken.  

The workaround was:

1. create a generic HTML banner

2. paste the Swiffy/HTML5 code in

3. find the line in the Swiffy-generated HTML5 code where the Flash ClickTAG (or similar) variable is set, and give it a value of {clickurl} (to substitute in the Revive clickurl macro.):


4. Fill the URL into the blank


Now, the URL blank is gone. We've tried putting the target URL right after the {clickurl} in the code, like this:


but somehow the swiffy-generated code seems to malform the resulting link so it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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Hi @tfmkevin,

I think that in terms of "deprecating" the URL field, it actually still exists, it's just not in the UI (because we felt it was confusing). So, I can think of two ideas:

  1. You could manually hack the URL back into the field via the database; or
  2. Better yet, you could take a look at how the HTML banner is modified by Revive Adserver in one of your existing banners, which you set up when the URL field was displayed, and copy how the HTML banner should be with a valid destination URL, and then put that in as your HTML banner from now on.


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