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Companion Positioning Just Not Working

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I have ALL of my campaigns sets to Companion positioning as I do not want banners from more than one campaign on the page at the same time ....but they just keep messing up and showing one from one campaign and another from another.

This is upsetting my advertisers who have been promised exclusivity on a page and there is not logical reason (each campaign has banners to fit each space).

The only thing that might have an effect is that the campaigns are Contract and set to deliver a certain number of impressions, but I don't think delivering specific impression counts should override Companion Positioning.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I appreciate that ...but these are live campaigns for Mini, Samsung and Patek ....I can't just switch them to remnants and lose all the impressions throttling etc ...these clients will need to see complete stats for a single campaign to compare against their stats so it is important to deliver to target.

Why should companion positioning make a difference for contract versus remnant ...I would imagine it is ideally designed towards Contract campaigns ...where a remnant fills the spaces left over if Companion positioning is not selected.

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