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How to approve pending coversion?

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we have set up conversion tracking for sales, and looking to pass sale / basket value. but sale status is pending buy default as we need to call user and verify sale. but how do i change the status of sale when i see reports. It keeps showing me pending and i m not able to find a way to approve those sales. Please suggest.


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wow, i see the status update now, they are approved. But have another issue coming up here.


I tried passing the value of sale into the variable there but seems like was not going through


out of the below options - i have choosed custom JS code to pass basket value on conversion page. please correct me, if i am wrong.? or suggest correct mode which we should use out of these mentioned below.

  • Track JavaScript variables: this setting means that the variables are set in the confirmation page as JS variables ( var = ‘Test value’; )
  • Track JavaScript variables (backwards compatible, escaping needed): this setting means that the JS values must be URL encoded ( var = ‘Test%20value’; ). It is provided for backwards compatibility only.
  • Track HTML elements using DOM: this setting will parse the confirmation for an HTML element with the specified name. It will take the value from that element automatically.
  • Custom JS code: this setting allows you to use your own custom JS code to pass the variable’s value into the conversion.

Also, is it possible to capture impression ID / Click ID, along with the conversion Sales / basket value?

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