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Ads randomly not displaying

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Hello everyone. I've run into a problem since installing Revive 3.2.4. This problem occurs on multiple browsers. On one visit to a page, all ad zones will display just fine. Next time I load the page, no ad zones display at all. I'm using asynchronous JS tag to invoke with 5 ad zones on each page. I have no limitations set on any of the banners, campaigns or advertisers and I'm using Remnant campaigns for all 5 zones.

I'm running Revive Adserver v3.2.4 on Apache, PHP 5.4.32 and MySQL 5.5.49-MariaDB

Any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated.


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I have looked over the FAQ, still stuck. I'm currently checking to see if any other elements on my pages are prohibitting the ads from displaying. Seems if that were the case though the ads would not display at all instead of sometimes rendering ads and sometimes not..

I have also tried serving the ads from file, rather than from the database. Still no luck.

Maintenance shows the database and installation are error free.

UPDATE: I've discovered that the normal Javascript invocation tag works fine but asynchronous will still, at times, not display ads.

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Hi @JohnnyG,

Barring a bug in the async code (a possibility), that sounds more like a performance issue. Asynchronous code will, by its nature, not load if the Revive Adserver system cannot respond quickly (while standard JavaScript blocks the loading, and so tends to work, even if the server is overloaded)...

Do you see, at times, slow load times for banners with JavaScript?

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