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Banners in different size


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today we are using banners in gif, jpg and png with a fixed size of 468 x 60 px.

These banners are to wide to be displayed in an acceptable form on mobile devices.

I've been told that there is a MMA Guideline regarding this.
Will Revive support this standard?
What can I do to use different banner sizes dpendinmg on the users device?


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Hi @FvLW,

At the moment, Revive Adserver doesn't have any kind of native support for detecting different user device sizesĀ and then displaying different banners accordingly.

I would recommend that if you're looking to deliver different content to users depending on their device size, you will need to do this outside of Revive Adserver - that is, firstly detect the user's device size, and then invoke the appropriate zone tag for the banner size that you want to display.

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