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https and rendering html banners problem

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Hi, some days ago I have moved my site from http to https protocol. and now Revive Adserver doesn't render the html banners, does it require some configurations? or this is bug? but all other banners rendered normal, flash, images. . . but only html banners doesn't render. also I have tested manually if I ask the url:


it always renders me the html banner because it has 30% probability.

but this url with https protocol doesn't render the html banner


pls, could you help me?

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On 5/3/2016 at 3:20 PM, Erik Geurts said:

I'm assuming your HTML banners containg some reference to non secure content (using http instead of https). When the ad request comes in over https, Revive Adserver won't select such HTML banners, to avoid a mixed content warning or error message in the browser.

Erik one more question, does ad revive server send the referer param? on click flash banner?

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