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Impression counted when using display: none


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hi all,

at first sorry for my bad english.

I've got one problem - if a zone with advertisment is in a div, that has style="display: none;", there is still a hit for impression. even though advertisment is not displayed. how can I solve it?

and why do I put advertsiment in div that is not displayed? because I want to show different advertisment in the same place depends on screen resolution.

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Yes! Please help! I have exactly the same "problem".
We are serving different Ads in different zones for different screen resolutions...

For Example:
448x1080; 1024x90; 448x1080 Wallpaper -> Desktop
960x250 Wallpaper Fallback Tablet -> Tablet
320x250 Wallpaper Fallback Smartphone -> Smartphone

So if a user is on Desktop he make a Impression for ALL of them! But i just want that the user add an impression to the zone of what he is seeing...

Please help!!!

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Hi m!k and MaDo, 

You can pass the value in invocation tag document.write('&width=' + screen.width);document.write('&height=' + screen.height); Then apply the limitations for the banners using "Site - Variable" option with the width and height value. This will give the solution to target ads based on the user's device targeting.


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