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Showing Banners As "real" Html


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Hello Revive community,

we are using Revive Adserver on our websites to show teasers of articles. So we mostly have HTML banners, that link internally. Until now we used Javascript invocation code with SinglePageCall implementation. The last couple of months Google started to penalize websites having less content and too many ads (http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.de/2012/01/page-layout-algorithm-improvement.html), so we are having trouble as Google cannot read the HTML of our teasers as they are invoked using Javascript tag.

I thought of using XML-RPC invocation method, but I have some trouble finding documentation or tutorials. My questions would be:


1.) Can Server A (where our website is running) use XML-RPC API of Server B (where a Revive instance is running) to request HTML code of a banner to integrate the HTML code into a template which is then served to the client from Server A. Is XML-RPC the right way to do that?

2.) Is there a way to do some SinglePageCall similar thing using XML-RPC. What I want is to get the HTML code of all zones invoked on the website during a single XML-RPC call from server A to server B

3.) Do you know about any documentation on that topic or does anyone have experience if this is possible (we are serving more than 100 million teaser impressions per year)


Thank you all for your help

Regards from Germany


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Hi Martin,


1. Yes, it can, and I think XML-RPC is probably the best way to do this.


2. I don't think so, unfortunately. The SPC functionality is only done for JavaScript.


3. Documentation is slowly in progress! (No help now, I know, but if you have specific questions about it, ask away, and we will do what we can.)

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