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How to create a superadmin?

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I have a bit of a tricky situation.

I have a couple of websites that I own. and I want to lease the ad spaces in them to "ad networks" who can in turn lease them out to advertisers.?

so I will be the superadmin (and I own website1 website2 ... website9)

adnetwork1, adnetwork2, adnetwork3 are associated with me, with,

adnetwork1  can work with website1 website2 website3

adnetwork2  can work with website4 website5 website6

adnetwork3  can work with website7 website8 website9


Now, adnetwork1 has advertisers pepsi coke and wendys as the advertisers, with each of them owning different zones on website 1,2 and 3.

how can I make individual users for pepsi, coke and wendys where they can only publish ads in the zones specified for them, and integrate adnetwork 1 and me as a superadmin in the same revive adserver?


I want to create a hierarchy like the one shown in the link shown below


please help!





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