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North America / South America in GEO targeting

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Hello, I would like to know how Revive Adserver works with continents, specifically: Mexico is considered in Latin America as part of NORTH America, but I've heard many people in the US consider it as CENTRAL America (which does not exist in the Revive Geotargeting options). So I would like to know if Revive considers Mexico as part of North America or South America?

Thank you.

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Revive Adserver itself makes no assumptions or decisions about which continent a country belongs to. It relies on the information in the data files from MaxMind.

You could consider downloading the CSV version of the data file for "GeoLite Country" from http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/ and have a look at the details per country.

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Hello Erik, thanks for your reply. I downloaded the CSV version of the GeoLite Country from MaxMind, but there's no information about continents. There's only IP ranges assigned to countries, like:    3648217088    3648221183    UA    Ukraine

So no way of knowing with this what Continent is Ukraine considered to be in. 

However, there are a few entries considered as Europe:    3648209664    3648209919    EU    Europe

As you can see, the range for Europe doesn't include the Ukranian range I copied above.

AND there are no entries with North America, South America, etc... 


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