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Logging extra parameters?

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If I want to add extra parameters to a tag, where do these get logged?  In the db?  Do they get logged in a file?

For instance if my tag has a macro: {ifa} that gets substituted with a value by a publisher, can I log that value somewhere?

It would look like this in the tag: &ifa={ifa}...



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Hrm.  Is there a parameter I could safely stuff them all in?  I could log them in the front-end webserver logs, but that puts the data in too many places.

Perhaps there is a simple plugin somewhere that could be modified to add a bunch more params?

I would think this would be a common requirement.

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There is one special case. Revive Adserver has a built-in hook for a variable named "source" in the invocation code, making it possible to capture data by banner ID, zone ID and source term. We have developed a paid plugin to take care of this. Just contact us using the form at https://www.adserverplugins.com/contact/ and ask for information about the "Source Logging Plugin".

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