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How Does Banner Weight Work?

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Could someone please explain to me how banner weights & probability work?


I created a zone with 4 banners. By default each banner had probability 25% & weight 1


I then changed one of the banners weights to 2, thinking this would increase its probability - but it didn't!


Am I doing something wrong? 



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Banner weights operate in exactly the same way as campaign weights, which are described in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign
Having just re-created your example above (having three banners with weight 1, and one with weight 2), I get exactly what I would expect - the weight 1 banners have probability of 1/5 (i.e. 20%) and the weight 2 banners has probability of 2/5 (i.e. 40%).


I wonder if the above updated when the maintenance script ran? Or did it stay like this?

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Not sure if this went through so trying again.


Joining this very late but I was wondering how far up can weight be set at.

For instance if I wanted to create 10 banner, each with its own weight from 1-10 would this be possible.  What about 20 banners with 1 to 20. 

While these are probably improbable I want to get a sense of how much weight can be applied to a banner in a realistic manner.  Is it 5 or 10 and is there a limit?

Sorry if this is addressed somewhere else already.




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