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No banners with JS Tag

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Moin moin...

last week i have a perfect working AdServer... but now... i don't know why... Revive shows no more banners...
i don't change something on the Server... i don't touch Revive... Friday i see all banners and yesterday was all gone...

in the meantime i reinstall everything new and update the old DB... but no banner...

on a blank html page i become the error: oa_show is not defined

only the Asynchronous JS Tag and iFrame Tag is working... but with the normal JS Tag i see no banners...

how can i fix this?


Best regards

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Hi @CyberspaceNet,

Unfortunately, while you may not have changed anything, it's almost certain that something has changed! An installation of Revive Adserver won't just stop working for no reason.

Your best bet will be to try to find out what has changed - a package update? Someone gaining access and changing or deleting files? A hardware issue?

There are lots of things that could have happened - if finding this out is beyond your capabilities, I'd suggesting talking to your hosting provider.



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