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Getting Ad from Revive Adserver to use for different devices


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We are going to install Revive Adserver but I wonder if Revive Adserver and VidiX can help us in the following cases, please advice:

1) we intend to use Revive Adserver as an ad management in order to save our ads ( even a video ) manually or by calling a service and then use revive to get the ads by calling a service.Then we will show it in the middle of VOD ( Video on demand ) or in the live TV program, in an app or  a web page . how Revive can help us in this scenario?

2) We will show  two types of ads, the first is in-house ads that we get from customers and also the ads that we get from other ad-networks. I didn't find any field in order to separate these two types as we are going to get the ads from revive based on this type?Is it possible to add a field and get the ad by filtering it?

3) Can we have a field in order to separate the device type that ad is going to be shown there ( TV, Cell, VOD, Web site) and get the ads based on that?

Thanks in advance

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