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3.0.3 Installation Trouble

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I have sucessfully installed Revive 3.0.2 on my server and it works properly for a domain of mine. I want to move my database to a new domain, on the same server, so I uploaded Revive 3.0.3 on to the domain I wish to move my ad server to, but it will not let me install. It says that certain directories do not have write permission, but they actually do have write permission, they are set to 777 as per instructions. This is on the same server that 3.0.2 was installed on, so I don't understand why there's an issue.

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In some cases you may need to issue the permissions from the root level of the server:

chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/var
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/var/cache
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/var/plugins
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/var/templates_compiled
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/plugins
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/www/admin/plugins
chmod -R a+w /home/public_html/www/images

That should fix your problem with the permissions issues. If you are running cPanel on the server, don't forget to add your cPanel username between /home/ and /public_html/

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Most likely this was due to the recursive nature of the above commands, rather than the absolute vs. relative path. Permissions actually need to be set appropriately for all files/sub directories; for a clean install, it's not an issue, as the folders are empty. But on migration, that may not be the case, depending on how the files were move and what else may be changing.

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