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Setting up Passback Tags


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I'm new to using Revive Adserver.  I'm interested into more information about setting up passbacks tags to provide to all my ad networks i'm working with.  I currently have 8 advertisers linked to each of my website zones.  If they can't fill the ad request they pass directly to the next advertisers in my waterfall outside of Revive.  I would like to create passback tags to send the unfilled ad call back to Revive if the advertiser can't fill the ad request.  Revive then would call the next advertiser in the zone.   Please let me know if this is possible and how to go about setting it up.  

Thank you,


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Hi Andrew,

I really appreciate your suggestion.  I was reading in another post about "Zone Chaining" so I tried setting up that functionality on our site.  Do I need to add any header scripts or enable any other settings for it to work properly?  I'm not seeing any impression coming through the "Statistics" tab under the chained zones.  Thank you!

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Hi @paradise,

No, there's nothing you need to do re: header scripts or other settings. However, for zone chaining within Revive Adserver to work, you do need to have a situation where sometimes, a preceding zone in the chain needs to be unable to deliver a banner, to allow it to fall through to the next zone.

Revive Adserver will only chain through to the next zone if it can't deliver a banner.

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