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We've just had an agency ask about viewability on a campaign on our sites. At this point viewability seems like a a difficult metric to track accurately. Is this something that will be incorporated into Revive?


One article about viewability: http://www.iab.net/iablog/2014/03/viewability-has-arrived-what-you-need-to-know-to-see-through-this-sea-change.html



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Hi giannis,

We have done feasibility study of Viewability tacking concept , Which means that " if an ad is loaded in the bottom of a web page, but a user does not scroll to view, note that would not be considered visible " .


y default revive adserver track the impression if banner deliver in webpage it won’t consider weather the user looks on that banner.

By the use of viewability tracking feature we may track the viewability count once the banner get attract by the user.

For Example:  If the banner placed in the end of the webpage, viewablility count get tracked once user scroll down the webpage where the ad is placed.


               In revive adserver we can implement this feature in JS tag ( Javascript Invocation type) and this will take 6 – 7 Days  and costs 1200 USD.

               You can reach us on Skype for a quick discussion as well.
                Skype name : djaxadserver

If you need for all other tags also we will check the feasibility in code wise and provide you the additional time and cost.

Could you share which version of revive-adserver you are currently using ?






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