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Revive Installation Hacked?

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Hi there,

A security software that I use in my website runs a scan on php files every 24 hours to check for changes and when detected it provides a threat score.

Normally only cache files change but today it has been the first time i see two libraries in the Revive Adserver installation have changed and a high threat score has been given to these files. they are:

  • revive/lib/smarty/internals/core.smarty_include_php.php
  • revive/lib/smarty/internals/core.run_insert_handler.php

I did not upgrade anything on the Revive Installation which is on the latest version 3.2.2. Did these libraries get updated automatically?


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it also highlighted as suspicious 

  • revive/lib/OA.php

However I did a file comparison between my local files on the staging environment and the files on the production site and they are identical (both based on Revive 3.2.2).

It must be a false positive, right?

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