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VAST specification compliance


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I've been recently build a plugin for javascript player. I'm using revive for serving ADs and I've noticed a weird situation. I don't have much experience with ADs so correct me if I'm wrong.

So I've been trying to create a companion AD using inline AD and SWF banner. So I create SQL banner with swf file in it. Once I request for a template, server returns a it and it seems to be wrong, because according to what I've found it should return me the StaticResource with proper type in it - just like the overlay AD. Instead I have HTMLResource. Well it wouldn't be that bad, but there's no way to handle it.
The HTMLResource have code containing javascript which won't be executed using innerHTML method. But there's more - I tried to execute this script and it looks like it's using docmuent.write method which clears all the document content. And finally inside javascript code there's a FlashObject call. What's wrong with that? Just the fact that the code can't run FlashObject without proper JS library which is not there.

To sum up - the output results in wrong resource type and with wrong content.

Is this an implementation error?

Am I doing something wrong? If yes I'd like to know how to create a Companion AD with strictly typed resrource and corresponding Inline AD.

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