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[Tips] clickurl inside iframe


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Here is some javascript to easy have click count  with swiffy ads inside an iframe.

In Revive adserver : create HTML Generic Banner, replace [URL_OF_YOUR_HTML_SWIFFY_FILE] with the url of your swiffy html file.

We give clickurl with magicmacro


<iframe src="[URL_OF_YOUR_HTML_SWIFFY_FILE]?clickurl={clickurl}" width="100%" height="90px" frambedorder="0"></iframe>


Edit your swiffy html file, go down and replace last <script> block 

var stage = new swiffy.Stage(document.getElementById('swiffycontainer'), swiffyobject, {});


    // !!!!!!! Ads destination link !!!!!!
    var lienClient = '';

    var clickurl = /clickurl=([^&]+)/.exec(document.location.href)[1];

    var swiffycontainer = document.getElementById('swiffycontainer');

    if (clickurl) {
        var parent  = swiffycontainer.parentNode;
        var wrapper = document.createElement('a');
        wrapper.setAttribute("href", clickurl + lienClient);
        wrapper.setAttribute("target", "_blank");
        // set the wrapper as child (instead of the element)
        parent.replaceChild(wrapper, swiffycontainer);
        // set element as child of wrapper

    var stage = new swiffy.Stage(swiffycontainer, swiffyobject, {});


Thanks to http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/3194-generic-html5-banner-clicks-tracking/  and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6938248/insert-a-div-element-as-parent


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